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Missions are very important to us here at Sharon. We encourage all of our families to be part of a mission in some capacity. Being involved in a mission doesn’t necessarily mean that you must go to another part of the world. At Sharon we are active in both local and international missions. Check out a few of our local and international missions that you can be part of.

Local Missions

We view opportunities within the four walls of church as a type of mission as well. We have ways that you can impact a life for all eternity and never have to leave the building. Consider serving in our nursery, children or youth ministries, be a greeter at a door, sing or play and instrument in our praise band, there are many ways to impact people. We can help find you a place that best fits you. Contact Jeff Ayers and he will assist you in finding that perfect spot.

Feeding in His Name

Our Women’s Ministry is active in our community by serving those who are in need. On a monthly basis our team goes out into our local area and shows the love of Jesus by feeding those who are hungry and provide clothing for those in need. How can you be a part of this mission? Want to play an important role in impacting our community? We have several options for you!

  • Help prepare meals
  • Donate gently used children and teen clothing - can be dropped off at the church offices
  • Help serve meals
  • Donate financially

A team from Sharon serves at Calvary Refuge Center every fourth Saturday of every month. Calvary Refuge Center provides emergency and transitional housing and food for homeless individuals and families in need. Here is how you can help

  • Help prepare meals
  • Help serve meals
  • Donate blankets, gloves, toiletries
  • Donate financially


Sharon is active in international missions as well. We presently have two families from Sharon serving in Uganda, Africa.

Uganda, Africa (Lulwanda Children's Home)

The Palmer family (John, Bobbi and Jackson and Lilly) have lived in Mbale, Uganda and served at Lulwanda Children’s Home since February 2014. They are excited about serving God and serving the orphans of Uganda at Lulwanda Children’s Home. The Palmer's serve through Grace International Children’s Foundation and are doing fantastic things in the name of Jesus. If you would like to learn more about Grace International and help the Palmer family in a financial way, visit GICF by clicking here.

If you would like to stay up to date on what the Palmer family is doing Uganda, visit their blog site

In August 2016, Ryan and Megan Kelley and their 4 children (Audrey, Simon, Lucy and Norah) moved to Uganda and a new life. For many years God has been moving in Ryan and Megan Kelley’s hearts to serve Him overseas as missionaries. They had been viewing this as a “later in life” calling, but just over a year ago they felt the Holy Spirit saying that the time to act had come. The Kelley’s serve alongside of the Palmer family in the Lulwanda Children’s Home. If you would like to learn more about Grace International and help the Kelley family in a financial way, visit GICF by clicking here.

If you would like to stay up to date on what the Kelley family is doing in Uganda, visit their blog site.


Each year a group composed of students and adults from Sharon travel to Guatemala to express Christ's love to orphans and widows. The intention is to see the spirit of God move in those who we encounter in Guatemala, as well as those who have gone to serve. Our desire for those who attend, is to come to understand that we can minister to those outside our country and be glad to do so. But, also come home with that same desire to do so here in our community. We are active in helping start micro businesses in order to provide an income flow for families, we provide water purification equipment to those in need and when resources are available we enjoy doing home construction as well.


Carolyn Hines is currently involved in mission work in villages in Romania. Her heart goes out to the many children of the Romas (gypsies). Seeing children in dumpsters digging for food is heart wrenching. Knowing so many never hear that God loves them is even tougher. To help Carolyn in reaching children for Jesus in Romania, consider helping her financially by giving through our Sunday morning offering time.