Worship Arts


At this time, our campus is closed and all services & events are on hold. We will keep you informed of any changes. Join us each Sunday morning at 11 am via our Sharon Church YouTube channel.


During the modern service, we try to keep things interesting. Many Sundays you will hear current worship songs with a rock band feel from Passion, Tomlin, Hillsong, Bethel, All Sons & Daughters, Rend Collective and the like as well as modern and timeless hymns. Some Sundays there will be cello, percussion, piano and acoustic guitar. We value doing things well, but we prioritize participation over performance. We want to see the next generation have opportunities to lead and be creative. If you are interested in participating on our team, let us know. We are always looking for vocalists, musicians, tech team, and creative types. Even if you're not sure how your instrument could work, it's worth asking - it might be just what we've been praying for someone to step up and add!

Choir Practice on Wednesday from 8-9 PM in the Music Ministry Office downstairs by the auditorium and stage (first room on the right). Contact Joel Chandler if you would like to join the choir. Practice started on August 7. We do not meet when the Henry County Schools are on a break.


Is the modern worship thing difficult for you? You should try our chapel service. The preaching is the same message, but the music is with a small worship choir and a piano. We do mostly hymns and every once in a while a classic praise chorus. It is more intimate inside our chapel building across the street, built in 1914. It won't take many times of coming before everyone knows your name. If you are interested in joining the choir at the chapel service, let us know!

Chapel Choir practice on Wednesday nights in the Chapel from 6:30-7:30 PM


Isn't everything we do supposed to be done as worship? Yes, absolutely! Can't I worship on my own? Yes, absolutely! Why do I need to worship at church then? Glad you asked!

Something happens when we worship together in community that doesn't happen any other time. We WORSHIP TOGETHER. God created us to be in community - designed in His image. When we worship together, we encourage one another, we fellowship with one another, we meet each other's needs, we are vulnerable, we learn from one another. When I see you hurt, I am reminded of how God hurts with those that hurt and that I am called to do the same. When I see you rejoice, I am encouraged to rejoice and be grateful for what God has done and is doing. You might be really gifted at something I am not and so on and so forth. We are called to be the BODY OF CHRIST and we are all parts of that body and we are all needed for the body to function. It is a beautiful thing when the body worships together! Want to be part of the team? Contact Joel Chandler.